TV series and Interactive web series about the transformative power of artificial intelligence in the field of arts. Through outstanding AI pioneering artists and experts, we will discover AI’s creative potential at the intersection of AI and arts.

Who is the author, the machine or the artist? Can AI be creative, or is this a distinct human trait? Will Artificial Intelligence bring us the next great art movement?


  • New Media Fund (Colombia-Canadá)


Anna Ridler





Artist and researcher of the creative potential of machine learning, and its relation to drawing and painting.

Sofía Crespo





Media and net artist. Working with artificial intelligence, computed image recognition and neural networks.

Ahmed Elgammal





Professor of Computer Science at Rutgers University specialised in Computer Vision and Visual Learning.

Ariane Savoie





Artificial inteligence and ethics researcher. Lecturer at Université du Québec à Montréal.

Allison Parrish





Poet, programmer and member of the full-time faculty at NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program.

Gene Kogan





Artist and programmer, interested in generative systems, computer science and software for creativity.

Lev Manovich





Theorist of digital culture, professor of computer science and director of the Cultural Analytics Lab.

Tom Lebrun





Lawyer specialised in Digital Law and AI aesthetics.

Dave (Jhave) Johnston





Artist exploring artificial intelligence es infinite muse through machine with neutral nets.

Anastasis Germanidis, Cristóbal Valenzuela





Cristóbal: Technologist, artist and software developer. Co-founder of runway.
Anastasis: Artist and engineer. Co-founder of runway.

Abhishek Gupta





Artificial Intelligence and ethics researcher at McGill University, Montreal.

Pablo Gervás





Research Professor at ISIA Universidad Complutense, creator of the WASP programme of computational literature.

Mario Klingemann





Artist and Google Arts and Culture resident known for his work involving neural networks, code and algorithms.

Joan Fontcuberta





Artist, teacher, critic, curator and art historian specialised in photography.

Nick Montfort





Poet and professor of digital media at MIT.

Josep M. Català





Professor of Visual Studies and PhD in Communication Sciences by Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona.

Milton Läufer





Writer, journalist and teacher. PhD candidate at New York University, focusing on digital literature in Latin America.

Rafael Pérez y Pérez





Research Professor at Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana, chair of the Association for Computational Creativity.

Yoshua Bengio





Professor of the Department of Computer Science and Operations Research, scientific director of MILA.


Serie Web y Serie TV


Jorge Caballero


Jorge Caballero y Diego Briceño

Executive production

Rosa M. Ramos

Script and development

Jorge Caballero, Diego Briceño, Anna Giralt y Manuel Martínez

Produced by

GusanoFilms y CuibaMedia


2 January, 2019