While in prison for drug trafficking in Barcelona, Hernando Toro began his career as a photographer. For more than a decade, from a cell he turned into a professional studio, he took thousands of portraits of those who, like him, lived behind bars. Despite the richness of his work, much of Toro’s archive was forgotten once he was released. This documentary recovers his negatives and explores not only his journey, but also part of the unpublished archive. What began as a question about the past has become an observation of the last years of this magnificent artist’s life.


  • 61º Cartagena de Indias International Film Festival 2022 – World Premiere
  • 8º Cine de las Alturas International Festival – Tres premios
  • 14º Festival Internacional de Cine de Cali
  • 19º International Film Festival of Asian Pacific Countries Pacific Meridian in Vladivostok, Russia
  • Atlantidoc Film Festival
  • Montes de Maria Film Festival
  • Manizales International Film Fair
  • Bogocine Festival – Círculo Precolombino de Oro Award for Best Art Documentary ‘Enrique Grau’
  • Antioquia Film Festival 23rd
  • Orchid International Queer Film Festival ROSARITO

Funds and markets

  • IDARTES 2018. Production fund for short documentary.
  • Mia Market 2018. Pitching forum.
  • Desarrollo Cinematográfico de Colombia (FDC) Fund 2020. Documentary postproduction.
  • IDARTES 2020. Music creation fund for feature.
  • Honor Mention, Villa de Leyva International Film Festival 2020. Work in Progress.
  • Kine award, Santiago International Documentary Film Festival 2020. First Cut.
  • Buena Suerte award, Santiago International Documentary Film Festival 2020. First Cut.
  • Selection in Cartagena International Film Festival 2020. Work in Progress.
  • DocMontevideo 2020 market.
  • Florianópolis Audiovisual Mercosul 2020 market.
  • IV Salón Documental de Medellín 2020 market.



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75 minutes


Adriana Bernal, Ginna Ortega


Rosa M. Ramos


Jorge Caballero, Anna Giralt Gris


Ginna Ortega, David Rojas


Imán Music


3 January, 2019